The Office Lookalikes


We are comedy genii…obviously!   We are David and Gareth, everyone will want a selfie with us.   You will be exposed to David and Gareth’s office charms, advice and wit.  On top of that you get  ‘office’ magic tricks plus that dance!

Why not have even more!   We will then give you a 30 – 40 minute show.  David will give you his ‘SIMPLY THE BEST’ spoof Motivational Speech.  YOU will also experience the famous “Flash Dance Fused with MC Hammer S**t” Dance. 

Find out more…The Office Lookalikes Website


Stig Lookalike

Some say he’s the Stig’s more entertaining cousin.  
All we know is he’s called…  STIG LOOKALIKE.

Stig Lookalike has all the entertaining mannerisms of his better known cousin.  Some say it’s a helmet and a white suit, all we know is that it’s far more than that,  with genuine Alpine Stars shoes,  gloves and a highly accurately re-produced replica of the BBC stig suit.  Don’t accept cheap imitations!! 

Who is the Stig?…Visit his web home!



Brett Sirrell
Juggler  Magician  Entertainer
B47 5EN

Tel: 07976661084